The POTUS’s Press Conference and the Big Question

I love to read political sites. I like reading all the different opinions on the issues. One of my favorite reads is The Big Question on The Hill Blog.

“The Big Question is a feature where influential lawmakers, pundits and interest group leaders give their answers to a question that’s driving discussion in news circles around the country.”

Yesterday, the Big Question was, of course, related to President Obama’s prime-time press conference last night and what exactly he needed to convey to the American public:

“What is the most important thing the president must communicate in his news conference tonight?”

The responses are always so interesting and usually indicative of the differing ideologies in our country.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn) said:

“I’d like to hear, in a positive and constructive way, how this economic stuff is going to restore people’s confidence. Competence, optimism and confidence.”

Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) said:

“I think the president has to articulate why the economic policies that he has been presenting, which are now a fairly large number, are likely to be a roadmap to recovery this year. People are not impatient, but on the other hand, they would like to see change, and they’d like to see upward movement.”

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) said:

“I think the most important thing the president to do tonight at his press conference is, number one, to answer all the questions openly, number two, certainly and hopefully impart reassurance for the people that he understands exactly what is going on here. He needs to understand that most people are so busy with their lives, they’re only picking up little bits and pieces on some of the newscasts.”

Timothy Potter, Director of Government Relations at FRCAction, said:

“He needs to communicate that he is in charge. He needs to “own” the economy. No more blaming his predecessor. It is time to take responsibility. At times it appears that no one in his administration is in charge. Several of his nominees for cabinet positions have had to withdraw for one reason or another. Congress has passed two earmark laden spending bills, one disguised as a stimulus bill and one described as leftover business from the previous administration.”

I watched the President last night. Unfortunately, I did not hear or see anything new. And I don’t think he really answered the question America wants answered.

I saw a dog & pony show; albeit this time without a teleprompter.

I saw our President stand up and basically say ‘Ya’ll calm down, I got this,’ and then go on to make excuses for himself and blame both his predecessor and Republicans in Congress. I saw him offer false choices and no real answers.

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