Move On tells Specter to Move On

I have never been a fan of George Soros, the foreign billionaire entrepreneur whose sole purpose seems to turn America into a European socialist wasteland. Yet I guess even someone like George can get something right once in a while. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So while George may be a broken clock, on this point he is right on time. The Move On membership, which is really the backbone of the Democratic party, has said that they don’t want Arlen Specter among their ranks.

Poor Arlen, he just can’t  get a break lately, can he? If he wasn’t such a total snake I could almost feel sorry for him. However, he is just reaping what he has been sowing for years. Back in 2004, Arlen Specter was up for re-election and George Bush made one of his biggest mistakes. He told Arlen he would support his candidacy if he would then support his nominees for the Supreme Court. Back then we had the hard-line Democrats who were filibustering the confirmation hearings in order to keep Bush’s nominees from advancing and receiving the up or down vote all nominees are entitled to. So Bush goes against his better judgment, knowing that Pat Toomey was a far better candidate for Specter’s seat but Specter had the seniority and he was a Republican whereas Pat was a Democrat. He was much more pro-life and conservative than Arlen but in the end, he would be a freshman Democratic senator and it was all a numbers game and Arlen knew it. The minute he got re-elected he reneged on all promises made to Bush and fellow Republicans.

So Arlen isn’t exactly known for being a man of his word. Which works well in politics. However, the Democrats have almost made me like them again with their recent Arlen-esque maneuvers. Arlen, in what has to be some of the best political drama around, defects to the Democrats saying that after soul searching he has come to the conclusion his views are more in line with the Democratic party. Elephants everywhere trumpeted in the victory.  We had gotten rid of the albatross around our neck for so long now.  So what does Arlen do, a week into being a Democrat he goes against his new party! You know, that same party he had so much in common with! He goes against the Golden One which is tantamount to blasphemy in Liberal Land and his spending bill.  This is right after B.O. has hailed him for coming over from the dark side and thinking, “Oh yeah, baby you can’t stop me now! I got Arlen!”

At a news conference Wednesday, Mr. Obama hailed Mr. Specter’s conversion to the Democratic Party, while Mr. Specter vowed that he’ll be an asset as Mr. Obama tries to get his ambitous agenda through Congress. With a beaming Mr. Obama standing at his side, Mr. Specter said that “I think that I can be of assistance to you, Mr. President… There are a lot of big issues we’re tackling now that I’ve been deeply involved in.” Mr. Specter noted that he and longtime friend Vice President Joe Biden “have talked over every problem.”

Arlen Specter Switches Parties

And how does Arlen prove to be an assistant to Obama? By voting against him! You have just got to love the utter shock Obama must’ve felt when he saw Arlen, his newest trophy voting against him! Voting against Obama’s spending bill, it almost seems like a Republican thing to do. Way to make friends Arlen! He then went against the Dems on the Employee Free Choice Act which makes it easier for unions to organize (yeah the mafia was “organized” too!) and he voted against Obama’s nominee for Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen.  So basically he voted against  Obama twice and pissed off the unions, can you get anymore suicidal than that as a Democrat? So what happens? Arlen loses seniority. Henry Reid who he had recently struck a deal with to become a Democrat and promised he would retain his seniority, gets with some other pissed off Dems and some really happy Republicans and they decide to demote Arlen to the most junior spot they can give him. Now poor Arlen is confused, we had a deal! Yeah and part of that deal was to vote like a Dem! So much for that.  So now Arlen feels betrayed and is told they will revisit his seniority after the 2010 elections.  But it is not just him tapping his fingers, waiting out time, there are some conditions are noted by this  “aide.”

“But if he shows us he’s with us on health care, on Supreme Court nominees, on EFCA, some other stuff, then maybe he gets a top or senior spot on some committees in 2011,” the aide said.

Arlen Loses Seniority

Okay so who is this aide, Michael Corleone? Can you just hear Marlon Brando’s voice speaking the above sentence? But Arlen has faith that he will get his seniority back after the 2010 elections. Yeah, good luck with that Arlen. Then just when you thought that was it. That it was safe to go back into the water (cue Jaws music) Move On comes along! We all know that when George Soros speaks to the Dems, they jump. George is pretty much the purse strings of the Democratic party in this country so if he says,  Specter has to go-Specter will be gone.  According to his organization’s internal poll:

the vast majority of the group’s roughly 170,000 members in Pennsylvania — 85 percent — would consider supporting a Democratic challenger against Specter.

Move On Moves Against Specter

To the untrained eye, it would seem like a case of kicking a man when he is down. That it is petty retaliation and nothing more. But truly it is divine justice. And I for one applaud both the Democrats and Move On for not being taken in by Arlen.  Wow, there’s a sentence I thought I would never write.  I mean let’s look at who he has angered in just one week’s time.  He’s ticked off Obama, the unions, Henry Reid and the rest of the Dems, and Move On.  Not to mention the animosity he garnered on the Republican side.  Is there anyone left? Arlen, I wouldn’t count on needing seniority after the 2010 elections because you will not be elected period! After 40 years, you have stepped on your last toe and betrayed America for the last time.  Adios Arlen and may there never be another like you.

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