With All This Transparency Who Needs an Investigative Press

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This piece in the WSJ is indicative of how far the press has fallen.  It should not be just in the opinion section of the Wall Street Journal, it should be prime time on all the networks.  Where is the transparency we were promised?!?!  If this was under Bush’s watch we would be hearing about it 24/7.

There is no old media investigative journalism on the new elite, except to worry about which dog, cat or mouse the First Family will be getting.

Lucky for the New Media….

So this is what Global Warming looks like?

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I wonder what the Global Cooling in the ’70′s was envisioned to look like!!?!

Storm Storm

The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

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devalued dollar

It’s scary how far the dollar has fallen, and has continued to drop.  It’s hard to know if it will ever recover.  But the more money that is printed the less it will be worth.  I’m not an economics major but it would fall under the simple concept of supply and demand.  The more supply (of printed money) without an increase in demand (productivity demand, everyone wants more money) then it makes the dollar worth less.


Sunday night live

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So it would appear to be!

Definitive Reading 5

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This is a must read to understand what is at stake: http://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Tyranny-Conservative-Mark-Levin/dp/1416562850

Media, Opposition Try to Smear Tea Party Protesters

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It all seems so obvious in the media’s attempt to smear the Tea Party protesters.  It’s strange how the media focuses on the people versus the message.  When it comes to any liberal protest the media just focuses on the message and ignore the 5 people that actually made it to a protest!

You might be a radical right wing extremist if

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There can be a lot of jokes to put in this but what it comes down to is this: You might be a radical right wing extremist if your are a conservative.  At least according to the MSM, Democrats and our president.

Judge orders homeschoolers back to public school

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So a judge ordered children that were being homeschooled back to public school.  This raises the question that if the public schools would be failing, as many are, should the judge force them to be homeschooled?

Missouri Targets average citizens as possible hostile militia

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The government seems to be on the hunt to find the extremism in militias but chooses to ignore the obvious threat of Muslim extremism.  Why look for a bad guy when a bad guy is knocking on your front door and blowing up buildings?

My beef with Meghan Mccain

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Oh, why bother…